Coming updates and some UCDP stats for the past year…

Updates to come…

2014 has now drawn to a close, and we are well into 2015. Updates of the Conflict Encyclopedia and our datasets are currently ongoing. And, since 2014 was not a particularly good year for peace, there is much coding and writing to be done to complete this update.

In terms of other updates, 2015 will also see the launch of the 2.0 version of the UCDP GED (Georeferenced Event Dataset), which will now encompass also the Asian continent. Work on this update has been a little more time consuming than we initially thought and had hoped. This is in part due to the sheer magnitude of data to be launched, but also because we took the opportunity to update, clean, and enhance all the data for Asia (as we did also for the Africa release). No release date is available as of yet though.

A different type of data…

We normally publish numbers related to organized violence only, since this is our mission. For this year’s annual report on our activities we have, however, also looked more closely at how much some our datasets are utilized by the research and policy making communities. So, here are some stats on how some of our main dataset have been cited in Google Scholar so far and during 2014:

Gleditsch et al., 2002, Armed Conflict 1946-2001: A New Dataset, Journal of Peace Research

All-time citations: 2095

2014 citations (approximate): 275

Harbom, Melander, and Wallensteen, 2008, Dyadic Dimensions of Armed Conflict, 1946-2007, Journal of Peace Research

All-time citations: 233

2014 citations (approx.): 37

Eck and Hultman, 2007, One-sided Violence Against Civilians in War: Insights from New Fatality Data, Journal of Peace Research

All-time citations: 239

2014 citations (approx.): 43

Sundberg, Eck, and Kreutz, 2012, Introducing the UCDP Non-State Conflict Dataset, Journal or Peace Research

All-time citations (including beta version): 49

2014 citations (approx.): 20

Sundberg and Melander, 2013, Introducing the UCDP Georeferenced Event Dataset, Journal of Peace Research

All-time citations (including beta version and codebook): 165

2014 citations (approx.): 65

Kreutz, 2010, How and When Armed Conflicts End: Introducing the UCDP Conflict Termination Dataset, Journal of Peace Research

All-time citations: 176

2014 citations (approx.): 44

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates!



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