UCDP GED now updated with East Asia

Today the UCDP released a new version of its geo-referenced event data: the UCDP GED version 1.9!

Previous versions of the UCDP GED datasets have been restricted to the African continent, but this new release expands data coverage to include the East Asian region from 1989-2014. This expansion means an additional approximately 10,000 events of organized violence in the dataset.

As always, the data are available in a range of different formats, such as CSV, Excel, and SQL.

Our next large-scale release will be after the summer, when we launch data for the 1989-2014 period for the whole of Asia (not including the Middle East), as well as for Africa 2011-2014. Before the end of the year data for the Middle East will also be released.

You can download the UCDP GED 1.9 here, and see an interactive visualization of all of the data right here.

Hope you enjoy the data and have a great summer!