UCDP Links

Below you will find some links to the UCDP’s more prominent webpages, containing both general information about the program, our database of conflict narratives and our various datasets for research.


UCDP webpage: The UCDP’s main webpage

About the UCDP: Some basic information regarding the UCDP

UCDP Conflict Encyclopedia: The UCDP Conflict Encyclopedia (UCDP database) is an online, free of charge, database. It is updated and revised several times per year and contains detailed descriptive information on armed conflicts, peace agreements, and several other aspects of organised violence. Coverage is global with information from 1946 and onwards.

UCDP datasets: The Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) offers a number of datasets on organised violence and peacemaking, available for advanced statistics or the creation of custom graphs.

UCDP Georeferenced data: The UCDP’s latest edition is its georeferenced data on violence, which maps individual events of organized violence across time and space. This link takes you to the project webpage, where both datasets and interactive maps are available.

UCDP graphs and maps:The UCDP provides a large number of charts and maps detailing the history of violent conflict and peacemaking. These are designed to be used as full-page, color, overhead transparencies or duplicatable handouts.

F.A.Q.: The most common questions asked about the UCDP’s work.


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